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Raising children is a full-time, life-time endeavor, and just because your children leave the nest, your role and influence continue. However, many challenges (generally uninvited ones) appear from time to time.

This blog is designed to informally explore both the joy and possible adversity that accompanies the raising of a family, and by doing so, provides some possible solutions to improving family relationships. It started with the idea of trying to be more self-reflective on my own experiences as an imperfect parent, but I thought others could benefit and share ideas on the topics as well. Although the focus in on parenting, most of the postings apply just as well to any relationship, including siblings and especially those who are dating. Visitors are invited to share their thoughts and opinions on the topic.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wisdom Verses Intelligence

We often here discussion on the difference between wisdom and intelligence, and statements are often made to describe wisdom as something that is gained with age.

Perhaps . . .

Rather, we could also say that we often see people that are "mature" in years, yet lack good judgement about how they act and react to different situations. In saying this, I want my own children to realize that adults don't have a corner of true wisdom. Wisdom can result from a variety of experiences unrelated to age. Whatever the case, true wisdom is realizing that we really know nothing in comparison to what knowledge really exist out there. Furthermore, wisdom isn't simply related to facts and figures. Being emotionally intelligent and wise is also key.

I just hope I am making progress in my own journey along the road of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Building Long-lasting Relationships

Perhaps, one of the greatest secrets in promoting healthy relationships is being completely honest in all you do. Making up stories about your life, your interests, and your abilities will only lead problems when your lies are discovered. In my listening activity called, "Running Shoes" (http://esl-lab.com/runningshoes/runningshoesrd1.htm) (at Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab) describes one similar situation and the best ways to build long-lasting friendship.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic.


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