Friday, April 7, 2017

Parenthood: What are the Secrets?

Well, uh . . . Could YOU share them with me? As an imperfect parent, I certainly have room for improvement. Just ask my kids.

It is said that being a parent is one job you can get without any experience. Perhaps that is true; however, becoming a parent is much different than being one, or rather the biological process of fathering a child is unlike stepping up to the bat every day and being a part of a child's life, especially during the very difficult and challenging times that will come.

I'm not just speaking of the financial challenges of raising children; rather, I also speak of dealing the emotional and social well-being of our kids.

However, what are the real factors that play a part in the "successful" rearing of children? This blog will try to explore these issues and invites you to share your experiences as well.

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