Saturday, April 8, 2017

I'm a grandpa . . .

Me, Little Oden, and My Dad
About a month ago, I became a grandpa. My dad and I were out of town visiting other family the days before Oden was born, and my daughter had him on the morning we arrived back in town.

Right now, I relish being a grandfather and doting on the little guy. For me, I can hold him and love him, and when he starts to cry, I can hand him back to his mother.

No, actually. I find it an honor to help . . . even if it meant staying up and caring for the guy while his mom rested. Fortunately, my wife has done a lot of this when our daughter needs help, but I'm ready.

But being a new parent can be scary at times. What if this? What if that?

I wish that my mom had lived a few more months to welcome Oden into the world, but I know that life works in cycles, and the passing one one is often followed by the birth of another.

Life is always changing, and that's what makes experiencing it so exciting.

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